“Three Innocents and a Spirit” Historical Drama

“Three Innocents and a Spirit” Historical Drama

Performed at the N a Sonje Foundation Center, Pernier, Haiti, April 27, 2014

Produced by Joshua Steckley, former Mennonite Central Committee volunteer and professional filmmaker.

“3 Innocents and a spirit”

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The N a Sonje Foundation presents Three Innocents and a spirit, a historical drama depicting the interactions of the peoples from the Americas, Europe, and Africa from before the time of Christopher Columbus, and the cultural crises that developed as a result. The cast engages in a post-production discussion, creating an open forum for ideas and solutions that can help towards the healing of our fractured societies.

“Three Innocents and a spirit” is performed by a team of Haitian men and women representing the Native American and African cultures, respectively, and an American woman representing the European culture. Dressed in symbolic costumes, the  actors weave together mime, interactive participation, authentic historical texts and music to demonstrate the progression and effect of historical events.

The play exposes the destruction and acculturation of the Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans through the transatlantic slave trade, which resulted in a transfer of wealth and natural resources to Europe. Near the end of the drama the Native American, European, and African characters experience a transformational awakening through which they realize their physical and spiritual losses, as well as their mutual need for one another. The three characters and the rest of the cast, offer each other gestures of compassion and forgiveness, ultimately recognizing the need for healing, reconciliation and reparations.

This drama is a highly stylized and portrays in simple form the lives of the native peoples of 3 continents and their mutual history, thereby condensing and combining easily recognized symbols, a true theatrical challenge, for 700 years to be contained in 47 minutes. 

“3 Innocents” is performed to an original soundtrack with only three narrative texts but since the actions are mimed to the music and sound effects of these well-known historical events, our memories fill in the rest.

The N a Sonje Foundation speaks at high schools, colleges, universities, churches, businesses and organizations, as well as with local and national media about Haiti and its special role in this historical context.

US East coast 2016 tour in planning stages!







2014 formal performances at the N a Sonje Foundation center in Haiti (tours to the US planned for 2016) by our staff “INAM”:  

January 14, 2014, University of Maryland

February 6, 2014, “First Free Church” Wisconsin

March 2, 2014, University of Loyola Marymount, California

March 9, 2014, American University, Washington DC

March 24, 2014, Fonkoze US staff, Washington DC

April 28, 2014, Eastern Michigan University

May 20, 2014, Documentary Team, Keystone College, Pennsylvania

June 5, 2014, Build-a-Bridge, Mercersberg Academy, Pennsylvania

July 20, 2014, Royalty Free Haiti, Colorado

October 3, 2014, Joe Rigelsky’s group from Wisconsin

November 4, 2014, Visitors from Ireland, Canada and Nigeria

November 15, 2014, Visitors from Amherst, MA

January 4, 2015: Loyola Marymount University, California

January 20, 2015: University of Maryland

January 28, 2015: Visitors from Colorado

February 13, 2015: Visitors from US

March 8: American University, Washington D.C.

March 13, 14, 15: 5 Year Anniversary celebrations for the Foundation

March 25: National Television of Haiti program

April 3: visitors from US

April 19: Longmeadow Church from MA

May 18: Flag Day presentation

June 5: LaRuche school in Pelerin, Petionville