Water reservoir reconstruction

14 Evens visiting ansyen reservoir

13 NS sign for water project Since before the earthquake, N a Sonje had been searching for funding to repair and/or reconstruct the local water reservoir that serves over 10,000 people though it has been evaluated to have the volume to serve the greater surrounding communities thus multiplying tremendously the population that it could serve. In 2014, a financial partner, ERDO began the process of discussion, meeting and sharing ideas encouraging the possibility to create a completely local community project, so that in early 2016 a team of local engineers designed and produced blue prints and budget that was approved by “ERDO”(a Canadian non-profit) a project totally initiated and carried out entirely by local labor. To date, Jan 2017, there are finishing touches as well as a state required chlorination system to be built before we can make a celebratory inauguration complete with mayors and other local officials that is in the planning stages for early spring 2017. We are indebted to “ERDO” who gave faith to the idea of totally local production that has produced such a positive and beneficial gift created together with the local community, this is true development! Thank you ERDO!


Chlorination system project

-16 chorination systemNSF is currently seeking funding for the building of a state required chlorination system to be installed on the top of the new water reservoir now completed in Gwo Jan.

Future community water extension outlets project

NSF is also currently in the process of seeking funding for a project generated by the felt needs of the local communities for the building of 2 smaller cisterns for stocking water in order that the new larger reservoir will be able to serve 2 of the closest surrounding neighborhoods.