Routson Louis

Routson “Lawous” Louis


My name is Routson Louis, my nickname is Lawous. I was born in Gwo Jan, and I live here with my family. I am 27 years old. I have three brothers and no sisters. I have a daughter, her name is Rosedarline Louis, and she is 4 years old.

My mom struggled to support me in my education. She bought a garden and sold the produce in downtown Port-au-Prince. She brought the money and gave it to me to pay for my school. This wasn’t easy for her; imagine, she would wake up at 4 in the morning to go to the garden and pick some carrots to sell, then she would bring the money she made to us for our school. She showed us a way we were able to help ourselves through education. She always gave us an opportunity to try to work ourselves and help ourselves, because she didn’t have anyone to help support her. She has 4 sons and none of them have a father. This is why many of us haven’t finished our schooling yet, because it was only her to support us.

This is why I still have three years to finish high school. I want to finish, and would like to begin taking classes this fall. I want to finish because I think education is a key; education is the biggest gun that can help you fight with this life. I want to finish school so I can learn something useful for my country.

For now I am taking classes in English, because English is a commercial language, and in mechanics because I want to support my family and my country.

After high school I would like to study human rights.