Mackencia Jean Philippe

Mackencia Jean Philippe

I send a huge warm greeting for you all. My name is Mackencia Jean Philippe. I am 24 years old and live with my mother, father, 2 brothers and 2 sisters in the community of Gwo Jan, Pernier, Haiti. I am the fourth child in the family and I am the only one who is attempting to go on with my education, but it was with great difficulty I even finished my high school studies.

I am studying nursing. My dream is to have a university degree and masters in a specialty, but there are times I don’t even have the money for the bus fare so sometimes I have to stay home and miss class. The love I have for this career makes me want to be able to finish so that I can help others to live better and healthier. I feel my obligation to my community is to care for those who don’t have the means the same way I would care for someone who has lots of money.

My family is putting a lot of hope in me but they don’t have any way to help me. I don’t blame my family because I wasn’t born in a rich family but with my Christian faith I’m doing what I can. I feel the presence of God in all that I do. The fact that I finished my high school education is something I can’t even explain, but I will continue to trust in God in all my activities, even when I care for the sick after I finish school.

I have just finished my first year of nursing school and am trying to change schools for next year. The new school semester will begin in October, but I will register this month. Even though I don’t know how I will pay for school, I remain faithful that it will be possible.

This little country is blessed, filled with love, wisdom and patience, and in pursuing my goals I hope to share this love, wisdom and patience with others.

Help Mackencia go to nursing school!

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Costs for one year:

Expense Amount
Registration $30
Uniform $55
Tuition $320 x 3 semesters
Books and materials $150
Internship $55 x 3 semesters
Transportation $160 x 3 semesters