Anne Vita Theus

Anne Vita Theus

My name is Anne Vita Theus. I am 28 years old. I was born in Les Cayes. I have one son, his name is Ralph and he is 5 years old. My boyfriend’s name is Jean-David Baptiste.

I was born to a family of five people, my mother, father, brother and sister. Their names are: Madame Antoine, Antoine, Kenson and Sarah Theus.

My family doesn’t have very many financial means. My mother is a street merchant that sells fried-foods. She goes out to sell at 7PM and comes home at 2AM, but this is how she was able to pay for our schooling.

I have finished my high school education, but have not yet gone to university. Meanwhile I have attended a professional skills class at a school called Alliance.

I finished the class, and am taking an English class for one year. But my dream is to go to university and learn something I love more to help me in the future: administrative sciences.

I would like to find a job in a business to learn how to manage a business, and how everything works so I can run my own business one day.

I love my family very much and love everyone too, thank you!