University and continuing studies scholarships

University education in Haiti is considered a real luxury with the only hope being in finding a sponsor of some kind or another but with the help of a few individuals, NSF has been successful in collaborating with special individuals in sending 4 young local community people to their university destinies while still looking for others so deserving.

Mackencia Jean Philllippe

A founding member of the women’s organization: “AFSAKA”, Mackencia has been an invaluable resource for the team, a woman growing in wisdom and vision. Since 2012, taking over the support of a friend who launched Mackencia in this career of yearned for learning, N a Sonje has sought financial help for her through the Foundation so that today in her last year of nursing school, she is looking towards a masters in community health, so stay tuned to more about her career in bringing health and healing to her community and to the greater community of her country!

Dieuny St. Rosier

Dieuny is the newest member of MJRAV since January 2016. Dieuny has been teaching both in primary and secondary schools in the area since 2010 when he moved to his uncle’s house in our neighborhood from the mountain community where he grew up near Fond Verrettes. Dieuny has a natural passion for teaching on most every subject from history to chemistry but spirituality and Haitian culture is a real love of his which shows in his presentations with our groups. Through a generous benefactor, Dieuny is now attending one of the best universities in the country, Quisqueya. His initial decision was to study agronomy based on recognizing the great need of his country to produce more food and because of his own farming background, but after realizing he can’t ignore his original passion of teaching he has changed his major to education and will graduate in 2020.


In January 2016, Williamson Jacques, “Yaya”, left with swollen red eyes from the bosom of his family, our team and his fiancé to study in the US,  where he was warmly welcomed into the loving family support of Dave Porter and is now in his second year at Keystone College in La Plume, Pennsylvania, (January 2017) after making us very proud of overcoming amazing obstacles that American students don’t even think of like learning in a foreign language and then to be able to excel in his academics, with this honorable achievement. Our dream for Williamson’s return would be to turn over the keys to an educational center added to the second floor of the N a Sonje guesthouse as a cultural art and science community center one day in 2020 or so!

10 Academic Honor Award, Yaya 8 Yaya family in parking

Frantzy Desir

12 Frantzy in SpainFrantzy Desir,  a young aspiring international relations and diplomacy expert and youth leader had started university here in Haiti and lived, for a time, in our neighborhood. But when his parents had too many educational pressures for their other 7 children plus one more after his sister found a baby in the trash and added her to the family, he timidly but with much dignity approached the N a Sonje Foundation in 2009 for help to be able to continue his already high scoring college career.  In 2013 we were able, with many hands, send Frantzy to Spain to the University of Malaga and keep him until  2016 when he moved to Barcelona where he will now finish his university education in the next year or so 2017-2018. It’s been an honor to be connected with Frantzy and his family and know that Frantzy has a mission for his country that this education was a stepping stone to serving with everything that he has been given. We look forward to following Frantzy’s university graduation and life’s career in the light of the gifts that have been given to him to be able to fulfill his dreams!

Community educational outreach

There are some outreach efforts being encouraged that are in process of being formulated, contact us directly to know more about these efforts.