January 12, 2010 Earthquake response

22 Christian Erin children MozayikOur immediate response was to provide temporary shelter for friends during the most traumatic moments after the earthquake. About 6 months later, an organization from the US came and offered the idea of rebuilding houses in the neighborhood of Gwo Jan by reusing the fallen materials from their own homes as much as possible. They first helped repair the local bridge in order to assure the transportation of materials in order to rebuild houses that had been destroyed by the earthquake in the community.  One house was totally rebuilt using the same rubble material of the original house that was poured into rebar wall pockets and then cemented over and covered with new tin. We are thankful for this gesture of solidarity even though no other houses were rebuilt by this organization.

23 group in front of ImperialAt the same time because of our deep friendship with Mona Augustin and the earthquake camp he voluntarily became coordinator for, we directed some of the true heros of solidarity who came  to provide help and relief to the aid of the Mozayik camp during this very devastating time.

A 30 minute documentary was made of the story of this camp’s suffering and trials as they were eventually evicted from their first location in the city by the powers to be in April 2012 when they resettled outside of the city in an area of land that had been designated by the president of Haiti as public land for the express purpose of land for earthquake victims in the area of Ti Tayen on the west side of the city. In December 2013 they were once again evicted violently you can see these videos about this incident as well:

Amenesty International put out an appeal about this action: https://www.amnesty.org/download/Documents/4000/amr360052014en.pdf

NSF has continued to accompany the people of Mozayik and the utter determination of its leaders in its quest for land and peace. In 2015 they were given a generous gift to purchase land in the province of Henche where they are now beginning to actualize their dream of a true village. Continue following their pursuit of the human right to access to land and housing:

Watch Mona’s housing rights music video sponsored by MCC:

October 4, 2016 Hurricane Matthew response

Our first response was due to Mozayik’s continued vulnerable situation while they still await their homes on the land in Henche, as they live on the edges of hillsides still in tin and tarp homes. On the eve of the hurricane, NSF sent supplies out to the committee of Mozayik with our own heroes who braved the rain and winds to purchase food supplies and extra tarps.

Our second response was to the support the unique initiative by one of our own team members, Sara Carol Theus, and her actors organization. Several friends from Germany, Canada and the US sent contributions that allowed Sara and her fellow actors to be trained by a public health nurse,  purchase health and sanitary items, divide up and make kits,  travel to Cayes and give training in health methods , then distribute @200 health kits that contained basic soaps, and even chlorox due to cholera threats.

An elder thrilled to be remembered:-gran moun nan