President’s 4 year scholarship awarded to MJRAV member!

It is with great pride and much joy that we present our team member, Yaya, complete with his newly and prized possession of an American student visa. Yaya was awarded the “President’s International Student Scholarship” by

Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 5.11.04 PMKeystone College president, Dr. David Coppola in July this year after he had been academically accepted a few months prior. Each year only one international student is chosen by the president for a 4 year full scholarship to Keystone. But not only is Yaya the recipient of this prestigious award but he is also hugely blessed with total food, housing and family care by Arts and Graphic Design professor at Keystone, David Porter and his wife Donna as well as their church community there in northeastern Pennsylvania. Dave has been coming to Haiti for over 8 years and has continually been an encourager of the development of Yaya and all the others in our organization over these years and has been a tremendous advocate for these young men and especially Yaya!

You can understand the beautiful smile as with the stress of interviewing at the US embassy in Port-au-Prince over with and the reality now in his hands, this coveted asset is a link to the whole world through his studies, majoring in the Science of Education that will benefit his country, his community and his family in the years to come!

It can’t help to be a bittersweet accomplishment as we all will feel his absence very dearly. He has been an exemplary member of our organization as well as the general coordinator of our team, INAM (means: Union N a Sonje, AFSAKA (the women’s organization) and MJRAV (the men’s organization) as well as the president of a local cultural organization that he has been a member of for many years. We will miss him profoundly but with great expectations filling the gap in our hearts!

IMG_1421Our sincerest gratitude to Dave and Donna Porter for their personal investment of love and support to this young man who will be an intimate part of their family for the next 4 years! May angels dance in delight at this feat of love!

Yaya will always need your support in many ways, his adapting to the US, the weather (he’ll be arriving in the dead of winter), the culture, the time constraints school will press on him thus stress that is a different stress than in Haiti for sure! Keep him in your thoughts and let us know if  you want to participate in his American adventure through this precious educational opportunity in any way you may consider.

Thank you for following these exceptional young people in their journey towards fulfilling their destiny!  N a Sonje!!!

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