MOZAYIK    Mozayik Village, an earthquake camp finding their way through violent evictions to land and homes since 2010.

My history of Camp Mosaic

2 ROOTS   In Haitian Creole: 2 Rasin, our house band that participated in the Caribbean bi-annual festival in August 2015.

2ROOTS29_medium 2 Roots Carifesta best

Look for our first album coming out this spring/summer 2017!

In Haitian “2 Rasin (ra-seen) alludes to the combination of 2 different cultural musical styles and roots that have fused together to create the unique sound of our band. 2 Roots partners with the N a Sonje Foundation. Mona Augustin wrote the theme song for the foundation “N a sonje”

“N a Sonje, pa bliye sa k te pase,                          We’ll remember, not forget what happened,

ann fon kout pye                                                      Let’s take a walk

nan mond pase n a konstate                                 Into the world that has passed and we’ll see

jan zansèt yo te ye ann afrik o                              the way the ancestors were in Africa

avan yo te charye to ann Americk oooo              before they carried them away to America

Se pa t abitan tè sa a kit e fè yo sa                       It wasn’t the people of the land that did this to them

Se lòt nasyon kit e gen pou misyon                     It was another nation that had as their mission

Fè tout lòt esklav nan simen kadav                     To make all others slaves and spreading cadavers

Piye  touye                                                                Pillaging, Killing

Indyen ak Afriken                                                   Indians and Africans

Nan fè yo travay pou anyen                                  In making them work for nothing

Konsa peyi yo vin pwisan                                      These countries became more powerful

Nan fè koule anpil san                                           In spilling so much blood

Chante pou Afrika chante pou Americka           Sing for Africa, sing for America

Omaj Afrika Omaj Amerika                                   Homage to Africa, homage to America

Ki pedi anpil zanfan nan lanme lontan               Who lost so many children in the seas so long ago

Pa kou bliye pote mak sonje                                 “The one who hits forgets, the one who carries the scar remembers”


-7 Beyond Borders JPG We became friends with Beyond Borders from around the time they began 1992.  We also became associates with them which saved our lives at the time when Ron suffered his heart attack because unknowingly to us as associates we were entitled to the same insurance coverage as everyone else which meant that we could be emergency med evacuated where we were taken to St. Petersberg’s large and brand new heart center where a stint was put into Ron’s heart! Both of our hearts have been forever grateful, but the best part was the phone call I got in intensive care asking if I needed a place to stay as Beyond Border’s director, David Diggs, had called these Beyond Borders trip participants to see if they could take care of me/us, which they did beyond the call of duty! We feel truly blessed in our long term relationship with Beyond Borders and the fantastic work they are doing in the country: Working to end child slavery & prevent violence against women & girls in Haiti.”


We have been long time friends with Cantave Jean Baptiste and his vision to build sustainable peasant farmers organizations. We have been witnesses to the staff’s dedication and it is an honor to be associated with this singular and unique initiative of ecological agricultural and community based training towards a life that sustains families and whole communities on their own livelihood and food and animal production. Visiting PDL’s work with the university groups that visit NSF is now a traditional learning part of their experiences in Haiti. Singing “Fanm Malere” or “Hard working Farming Women” with women at a PDL seminar near Henche. Yeah to PDL, “Partnership in Local Development” the Haitian organization led by Cantave Jean Baptiste, who are making such a difference in the lives of women, farmers and children, giving them the pride of being who they are and the knowledge to slowly improve their lives with their own hands and through their own dignity. 


It was an honor to serve and to be trusted as volunteers with MCC from 1985 to 1993. We are grateful that we were accepted even though we were not Mennonite. It was the beginning of an initiation of a kind that has kept us here ever since. We are thankful for the chance to have our worlds turned upside down by the opportunities that MCC gave to us to live and see life from a different perspective. MCC told us before we stepped foot here that we would change and we would never be able to change back again. Hallelujah! Thank you for 8 ½ years of care!


NSF’s friendship with Nadine Dominque, founder of OPAPAM, has blossomed quite literally into a collaboration of permaculture gardening techniques, tree nursery methods for the Maya Nut and a total collaboration on culture and history that will be shared with OPAPAM’s visiting groups through the NSF work.


(Ecumenical) Foundation for Peace and Justice: Initiated and founded by Ron Bluntschli in 1992. The Foundation was initially a gathering of church leaders to make a forum about how the church ecumenically, catholic and protestant, could collectively stand up against the repression that was happening in the country together, thus a committee was formed. This committee decided upon localizing support for victims of the coup d’etat of 1991 and then each proceeding year as the crisis shifted different sorts of support was determined, from refugees, and then finally for a center for children living in domestic servitude. The center has branched out to also serve the elderly in the community as well as work trying to reinstate children separated from their families due to economic hardships when they were “enslaved” to urban families. The committee was eventually legally transformed into a Foundation that has become the home of a primary school and young adult professional school. Executive director, Mr. Polycarpe Joseph, honors Father Oscar Romero and has made his life of peacemaking a symbol and model for the school now with his sayings painted on the walls of the school’s courtyard. Since the 2010 earthquake the center found a perfect home, one of the vacation houses of the former president Paul Magloire that was purchased for them and now they have just in 2016 added a new addition to the school portion shown in the photos! The Bluntschli’s are honored to be collaborators with The back of the T-shirt in the photo on the left says translated from the French “If you want peace, go and meet with the poor” Oscar Romero’s saying and in the photo on the right the director of the center, Polycarpe Joseph. 37 FOPJ talking 38 FOPJ Polycarp