Guerda with Mama Laura, Leah and Lisa

Guerda and I       XGomHW4qJ-D-F6SaFP1JaceH0UOauVNOibc6L_AXi_g

While on a trip for “PDL” translating for visitors, a young woman came up to me and asked me if I was “Manman Laura, Leah ak Lisa?” I was a bit flabbergasted to say the least, totally unexpected but then I really shouldn’t have been, it’s not a very big country and 3 little blonde girls growing up in a rural isolated mountain village would be an outstanding memory for anyone growing up there. Here was Guerda, a young woman working as a health monitor for PDL who had gone to the catholic school that was located just below our house in Bwadlorens when we were working with MCC in 1988-1990. Our yard had a tire swing and 3 little white blonde girlies that liked to jump rope and swing on the tire at recess so some of the children from the catholic school would come up and play as I arranged to have our recess from our little home school at the same time as the catholic school bell rang conveniently! Another surprise is that she had promised herself that if she had a girl, she would name it after one of our daughters and thus there is now a Haitian Lisa!

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