partners-fonkozeFonkoze Financial Reports

Because N a Sonje is a legalized and recognized entity in Haiti but not as a

non profit in the US, Fonkoze has been very helpful in the over 13 years of our partnership in development serving as our fiscal agent for tax receipt purposes of those who want to give to the work of N a Sonje. We are very grateful for the generous hours of accounting and administrating of these gifts that Fonkoze has

done for us over the years at a very minimal cost. They in return ask for a small yearly report, which are now available to you to peruse.

We encourage supporters to join the family and make modest monthly donations to ensure that the good work of N a Sonje continues. N a Sonje Ambassadors will receive monthly updates of all the work that N a Sonje is doing and special thanks on our website, as well as in our yearly reports.

Donate to N a Sonje Online

It’s easy to donate to N a Sonje online thanks to the help of our Development Partner Fonkoze USA. Just fill out the form below with what you intend to give,  for N a Sonje’s records then click the donate button. You will then be taken to a page explaining how to give to N a Sonje through Fonkoze’s website and be sent to their secure donation pages where you will enter your information. *On Fonkoze’s page right under “Amount,” you’ll see the option for Designation. Please  mark Other, and then type in N a Sonje. Otherwise the money will not be distributed to N a Sonje *


Become a ‘N a Sonje Ambassador’ by Mail:

Of Course if it’s more convenient you can mail a check out monthly to our Partner Fonkoze USA to the address below, *with N a Sonje written in the subject line*

Fonkoze USA

1700 Kolorama Rd NW Suite 102

Washington DC, 2009