N a Sonje, a Haitian phrase meaning, “we will remember”

is a foundation dedicated to the processes of remembrance

healing, and transformation.

Our Mission:

To contribute to the global healing of collective wounds left by the traumatic historical encounter between the African, Amerindian, and European peoples and their descendants, through a deep remembrance of that history and the ancestral times preceding it.

Our Strategy:

Mother Ayiti (Haiti written in Haitian, the language created by the African people enslaved on the island) offers her history and her present to those searching to learn more of the truth of that history as well as find certain healing along the way. In this way we believe that through personal and intimate experience by respectfully walking, breathing and touching Ayiti’s reality on this very wounded land the agony and aspirations of the people comes alive for those with eyes and hearts to see and feel.

N a Sonje has formed a team of local young people of Gwo Jan to help guide and participate in these experiences directly with the visitors that choose to experience Ayiti through us so that healing can happen in a full circle.

Beyond the work of connecting Ayiti with visitors, we are committed to join small initiatives for local development in the home community of the Foundation called “Gwo Jan” (a mountainous rural are of the township of Petionville). Some of these local projects have included participating in a small reconstruction project after the earthquake, creating a small women’s micro-credit program, and establishing a university scholarship fund for our staff.

Our local strategies involves accumulating a small percentage from the payments of our groups to us thus creating a fund designated specifically for collective needs of the community.

INAMN a Sonje collaborates in hosting groups with a team of local young people from the community of Gwo Jan who have organized themselves into 2 respective groups, MJRAV (Youth Movement for Relations between Ayiti and Visitors) and AFSAKA (Association of Women In Solidarity for the Advancement of the Haitian Culture). This work is centralized in the Foundation’s home community, a mountainous semi-rural area of the Petionville township called Gwo Jan to guide visitors who choose to participate in these immersion experiences together with these local young people to live the reality of Ayiti through the work so that potential new perspectives and healing may happen in a full circle.

Beyond the work of connecting Ayiti with visitors, we have joined small initiatives for local development in Gwo Jan that include:

(1) In 2011, small post earthquake reconstruction projects, one in Gwo Jan an innovative effort at recreating homes using their own rubble by Conscience International

(2) In 2010 to today, another is the ongoing support for the earthquake camp, Mozayik.

2 newly built center 2a NASONJE sign on center

(3) creating a small women’s micro-credit program

3 Micro-credit

(4) establishing a university scholarship fund for our staff


(5) administering the reconstruction and enhancement of the local community water facility by local engineers and community labor.

5 pouring the walls

(6) a small home tree nursery of “Maya Nut” being reintroduced to the country.

6 kids visit trees and taste tea

(7) and a new garden project to learn to grow local vegetables.

7 visit garden

(8) Our local team’s strategy involves setting aside a small percentage from payments of services from our visiting groups to create a fund designated for both collective community and team needs. An example is the purchase of 3 street lights that we installed to help bring more light to the streets at night.

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