N a Sonje is dedicated to building respectful relationships between visitors and the Haitian community.

Based in Haiti, the N a Sonje Foundation (“n a sonje is a Haitian phrase which means in English “we will remember”) specializes in hosting visitors of all types, university groups, volunteers, researchers, journalists, etc, to share in the history, language and culture of Haiti as well as connecting them with local communities, groups and organizations in order to provide perspectives for a meaningful, respectful and impactful visit.  Our program itineraries range from a selection of a full single day to several weeks. N a Sonje also has projects that have included micro-loans for women in the Foundation’s base community, higher education scholarships for staff and others, a local infra-structure project of rehabilitation of the local water reservoir through a community construction project, plus a new small experimental permaculture garden in the nearby mountains, a small tree nursery, as well as collaboration with a diversity of organizations around the country.

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