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N a Sonje plans logistics and programming for all or any part of your time in Haiti either as an individual or group, volunteer, researcher, university student, and more


N a Sonje accommodates those looking for a more personal and in depth experience either to learn the language, carry out academic research or to simply experience every day life.

Community outreach

N a Sonje lives in community where the center is located and works to create the most discreet and dignified manner for any intervention by bridging outside means to local needs.

Programs we offer

The N a Sonje Foundation lodging facilities includes a mountain guesthouse and the Bluntschli home in a semi-confined compound just outside of Port-au-Prince which is used for guests who participate in the Foundationʼs activities since March 2003. It is located in the center of a semi-rural Haitian community called “Gwo Jan” (meaning in the greater land holdings of the Jean family), a rural section of Pernier, a township of Petion-ville. It has rustic dormitory-style rooms (a separate couples room can be made up), 3 family-style Haitian meals, 24 hour natural spring water for bathing, filtered water for drinking and indoor latrines.

N a Sonje is dedicated to introducing
guests to Ayiti  in order to build respectful relationships between visitors and the Haitian community.

Based in Haiti, the N a Sonje Foundation (“n a sonje” is Haitian translated means “we will remember”) specializes in hosting visitors of
all types: university groups, volunteers, interns, researchers,diplomats, journalists, etc, to provide immersion and direct experiences
into the history, language and culture of Haiti. N a Sonje connects and collaborates with local and national human resources including
individuals, communities and organizations around the country in order to provide visionary and experienced perspectives for those seeking
authentic voices for a respectful and impactful visit.  Our program itineraries range from a selection of a full single day to several weeks. Come and embrace the unexpected gifts waiting just for you.


  • Trip American University video March 2019

    Hi Carla, First off I would like to thank you so much for hosting us at N a Sonje as well as accompanying us throughout our time in Haiti! We learned a deeper meaning to all the history then any text book could ever tell us, and we all greatly appreciate it. Secondly, WE MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY! Waking up early is not the same anymore without your incredible coffee in the morning or that amazing view from the balcony. Expect us at your door soon because this gloomy DC weather is not good for us. And finally, Rose put together a little video of our time in Haiti and I think it perfectly resembles the beauty of Haiti that is not exemplified in the news if you care to watch it: I hope to see you again soon!

  • Trip Loyola Marymount University

    Dear Carla, This is Fosse from Loyola Marymount University. Thank you so much for all your kindness and generosity while we were in Haiti! Thank you for such a memorable experience. I have attached links to 2 videos from the trip. The first is a video of you at the vodou ceremony and the second is of the mini documentary we made. I have uploaded them to YouTube because the files were very large. However, if you would like the actual video file, then I can send that over as well. Let me know if you want any other videos! Again thank you so much for everything! Sincerely, Fosse Lin-Bianco

Video Image

Our Team

N a Sonje collaborates in hosting groups with a team of local young people from the community of Gwo Jan who have organized themselves into 2 respective groups, MJRAV (Youth Movement for Relations between Ayiti and Visitors) and AFSAKA (Association of Women In Solidarity for the Advancement of the Haitian Culture).

Carla Bluntschli

Executive Director



Madame Antoine Theus

Food Services





Daniel Dugger, with several peasant leaders in the St. Raphael area of the country in the north showing us their improved model gardens that they have learned from the training received from our most respected partner, PDL, (Partnership in Local Development). Daniel took photos and videos of the amazing work and enthusiasm of the PDL training, the people organizing themselves.

Donate to N a Sonje Online

It’s easy to donate to N a Sonje online thanks to the help Fonkoze USA who since 2003 has graciously made N a Sonje one of their Development Partners. * Open in another tab to keep this page open: give.fonkoze.org * Fill in all of your information but then under “Billing”, make a check in the box “Make this gift on behalf of an organization” and enter Na Sonje Foundation otherwise it will go into the general pool of gifts for Fonkoze which is also a wonderful organization doing fantastic work but a missed opportunity for N a Sonje! * Click “Donate” at the bottom of the page when you’ve completed all of the fields
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